Joy Ride with Peeyuu

It’s brand New!
It was a jolly & fun time-out Peve had with Peeyuu on this edition of Joy Ride!
Do you know Peeyuu is a Medical Practitioner?
Get to know more about this awesome minister of God.



  1. Peeyu I am in love with your music, I want that song you sang with Sophie at the 31st service 2017

  2. I love you boss

  3. Thank you PU for making yourself available for our Lord Jesus. God bless you man of God

  4. I lover every BLW music minister but Peeyuu is my favourite. I love you so dearly pastor sir. You are my inspiration?????? keep flourishing

  5. Oh! I don’t know what else to say. I thank God almighty for bringing you my way. I didn’t know what I had until you told. It’s been from glory to glory. Thank you Pastor Uvie sir. .

  6. Wow you’re powerful man of God ? our Doctor in BLW ?

  7. God bless you

  8. ???God is great and thank you for the song,
    ( I take it as mine ))…..”once I have Jesus, I have it all”…?

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