Projects you can partner with LoveworldPlus include:

Pastor Chris in Every Home

This involves expanding viewership to every home by connecting more people to- watch via satellite and on our mobile platforms and –free installation of decoders to Hospitals, schools, Prisons, hotels and other specified institutions within your catchment or church catchment.

  1. Pastor Chris in Every Home Satellite sponsorship
  2. Pastor Chris in Every Home equipment upgrade sponsorship
  3. Pastor Chris in Every Home via program sponsorship
  4. Pastor Chris in Every Home via mobile App sponsorship
  5. Pastor Chris in Every Home via decoder sponsorship to specified institutions within church catchments

Equipment Upgrade Sponsorship

This involves sponsoring equipment upgrades and acquisition of new ones for production.

  1. The acquisition of an Automation server.
  2. The acquisition of an Outside Broadcasting Van for out station Live transmissions.
  3. The acquisition of Transmission Equipment for satellite uplink.
  4. The acquisition of a Mixer.
  5. The acquisition of a Rendering Farm.
  6. The acquisition of a Character Generator.
  7. The acquisition of a Denoiser.

Viewership Expansion Sponsorship

This project entails sponsoring the broadcast of LoveworldPlus 24/7 on new and existing satellites and on the internet.

  1. Sponsorship of a New French Translating Channel to Francophone countries.
  2. Satellite Space sponsorship on Astra 2F satellite effectively reaching all of West Africa.
  3. Satellite Space sponsorship on Eutelsat Satellite reaching Sub-Saharan Africa.
  4. Live Streaming Sponsorship via the internet and mobile platforms.

New Studio Facility

The building of a New Ultra-Modern Studio facility fully equipped with the state of the art equipment.

  1. Four world class studios
  2. The building of the Editing suites
  3. The Building of a Broadcasting centre
  4. The building of a presidential Lounge

Global Communion Service Sponsorship

This project is an opportunity to sponsor the monthly Global services with our Man of God; Rev. (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome.

  1. Satellite Space Sponsorship on T11N satellite (Loveworld Special) for Global services
  2. Sponsorship for Hosting the Global Communion service at the LoveworldPlus studios.
  3. Sponsoring the Live Transmission of the Global Communion services to all our churches and designated viewing centers.
  4. PastorChrisLive segment sponsorship to all our Loveworld networks, terrestrial TV stations and viewing centers.
  5. Sponsoring the Live transmission of other Global services with our Man of God via satellite.

Sponapro (Sponsor-A-Program)

This involves sponsoring the Pre-production, Production and Post-production of LoveworldPlus programs.

  1. Sponsoring the production of a Program for -ONE SEASON-(3 months)
  2. Sponsoring the production of a Program for -TWO SEASONS-(6 months)
  3. Sponsoring the production of a Program for -THREE SEASONS-(9 months)
  4. Sponsoring the production of a Program for -FOUR SEASONS-(12 months)


You can Partner with us in the following ways:

Online Payment

You can give online using KINGSPAY, Recipent Code: LWPLS

To make payments online Click here

Cash Donations

All cash donations should be made into any branch of the underlisted banks.

Bank: Parallex Bank
Account Name: LWPLUSTV Partners Limited
Account No: 1000031653

Bank: Ecobank
Account Name: LWPLUSTV Partners Limited
Account No: 4490012315

Bank: Spectrum Bank
Account Name: LWPLUSTV Partners Limited
Account No: 0013500385

Bank: Refuge Mortagage Bank
Account Name: RED CHERRY Limited
Account No: 1100082760


Bank Draft/Cheque

Cheques and Drafts should be addressed to Christ Embassy LoveWorld Plus.


For partnership enquiries call: +234-8024308132, +234-8061643640