Insight – Mercy Johnson Okojie

Today’s guest on Insight is Mrs Mercy Johnson Okojie – a Nollywood Actress. Join us as she takes us through her career as a Nollywood actress. She also talks to us about her challenges and what she did to become who she is.



  1. i love mercy so much because she is good in every area of her life.

  2. Very interesting

  3. Mercy u ar realy a star in the movie industry i hope one day God will make u the beggest star in heaven if wen u contribute to d gospel world keep it up

  4. mercy.i love the way she act that she make it look real she just a star God have given her a talent and she makeing good of it she is the best of her kind

  5. Comment
    Mercy has impact alot of life on other way but she can be more impactful and useful to d kingdom of God if she turn to gospel movies. I wish her well

  6. I really like mercy n I think she is a very talented lady…keep it up and it feels good to know that their people out the in the movie industry who put GOD first in there lives have a lovely year.

  7. she needs to let go some things

  8. Marcy, we love you to act in gosple world.

  9. Mercy is absolutely good i also wish to we have her in d gospel world.

  10. I like the way you act,i missed your movie.

  11. Mercy, i love the way u act, you make it as if it is real. Keep ti up.

  12. she’s a very good actress, a star as such. we miss her movies in the gospel world

  13. I admire her, i wish she can act in gospel movies!

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