Dedications “Mini Concert” with Pastor Israel Strong

This episode of Dedications’ Mini Concert features Pastor Israel, a mind-blowing 50 mins ministration that inspires faith, blesses and serenades the atmosphere with the love of God…Watch and be inspired!



  1. Lovely

  2. Pst the way you sang the song this year was soooooo touching,I almost shed tears too.I love the song even friends watch it everyday

  3. My sis gave me to watch.soooo lovely.we enjoyed it

  4. Very uplifting performance

  5. Anointed songs with uplifting messages

  6. Anointed and uplifting songs

  7. Love it.

  8. Beautiful and wonderful,
    Is my best song I love,and I can sing it myself.
    Thanks for giving us such songs.

  9. Fantastic performance

  10. Wow wow wow . your performance was beuriful and you can dance too.

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