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  1. Righteous

    In my opinion, there’s a thin line between body obsession and body consciousness. I think it’s normal for someone to want to look good and have a picture of what he wants to look like.

    However, it is obsession when you can do anything to achieve that body especially when there are risks involved.
    When you go above your means, when you feel inferior or insecure, when you just highly want to feel among and when you don’t find anything attractive about yourself simply because you don’t have that body or look that you feel you need…it is obsession.

    Personally, I feel like I’m not comfortable with my hips. I want bigger hips and that is because i want more fitting on my clothes. I try to exercise and even wear hip pads so as to look good.
    But what happens when I can’t afford hip pads or surgery? Do i go into depression? Do i feel intimidated to the point that i cant go out without them? Do i use money meant for something more important just for my hips? When i see someone do i rate them better than myself because they have more hips than me? If yes to all these, I’m body obsessed.
    Body Obsessed people are never content. They will always feel bad about the slightest things on their body.

    Thank you. I hope I made sense.