Spotlight – CEO Web Practice Studio

In a world that is constantly evolving & driven by technology, the need for IT solutions that power processes and businesses is on the increase.
On this episode of Spotlight our guest is the CEO of Web Practice Studio, Tosin Orogun, a web technology company that provides IT Solution for businesses all round the world.
Spotlight showcases the success stories of people that are making impact in our world! A must watch!



  1. Very inspiring ?

  2. I was excited when I saw this, congratulations Sir and thank you so much for the tips Pastor Tosin. With the holy ghost am going to flourish this year #dallasTX

  3. Awe-inspiring!
    Thanks for giving me the right approach to building a good portfolio.
    Starting with freebies for potential clients.

  4. Wow! Really inspired and motivated by this timely video.
    Thanks sir for sharing this wonderful experience with us all.
    I have learned a lot from this.


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