Insight with Daysman

In such a time as this when the world is faced with great challenges, there are young people in the midst of the challenges who are impacting the world; one of such is` Daysman Oyakhilome Woghiren, CEO Carel Studios, who gives insight on how he started off and his motivation.



  1. I’m sooooo inspired. Thank you so much Pastor Ma and The CEO himself .

    Sis Treeza. CE M1. Malawi

  2. Oh my goodness. This is so amazing. Thank you so much Pastor and Daysman. God bless you. ChosenGlad from South Africa

  3. Wow wow that was mind blowing. After I was so filled during last night LMAM Finance Convention, I longed to hear much more from Daysman and I started on search engines only to come across this episode which catapulted me to the next level. My desire to know more of the Word is increased, more confidence. I’m bold and I’m set to bless my world with the investment of my personality. Thank you. Sister Fulu, South Africa ??

  4. Great and mighty are spoken of you,
    I will impact the world just like you and express the very liquid love of God as I saw you did. thanks for teaching me how to give recklessly.
    keep winning!

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