This is a must watch!!!
Do you have problems with Fertility & Childbearing ? Knowledge is key?
Get information required as our distinguished experts, Adesuwa Evans-Ogbebor, a Senior Embryologist; & Dr. John Idahosa, a Chief Consultant Gynecologist & Reproductive Physician, discuss this insightful topic “Fertility & Childbearing”.


  1. Wow, that was a huge blessing and am deeply grateful to our father Rev Chris, pastor Mercy and the speakers. God bless & increase you on every side in Jesus name.

  2. Awesome platform. Thank you Pastor for the opportunity.

  3. My my goodness, this is mind boggling, the insight here is indescribable. I wish the whole world will know about this then there wouldn’t be confusion in so many families due to child birth. I’m actually blown away
    Thank you so much the wonderful host for such a topic, thank you ever so much sir Doctor John Adahosa and Embryologist Adesuwa Evans – Ogbebor ma, you guys you nailed it, you really know your stuff & there’s no doubt about it. It’s the simplicity you have put this topic across to us. God bless you both, much appreciated. I would have loved to hear the answers but unfortunately it came to an end madam host ?

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