How restructuring will solve Nigeria’s security challenges, by group

An advocacy group, South East, South South Professionals of Nigeria (SESSPN) has insisted that the restructuring of the country holds the key to solving the security challenges in the land.

President of the group, Hannibal Uwaifo, in a statement, stated: “Until the Federal Government identifies the root cause with boldness and sincerity, the fundamental flaws that are so critical in the foundation of the country, the numerous challenges faced by this nation can never, and will never be resolved.”

The hurdles, the professionals noted, included a “faulty structure leading to injustice, tribalism and nepotism, religious fundamentalism in governance, massive corruption, opaque governance as well as inexplicable and deceitful quota arrangements.”

According to SESSPN, “these retrogressive factors are mainly responsible for the intractable security situation we find ourselves today due to the faulty structure of the nation.”

It went on: “ Our borders are very porous and manned by corrupt and uncommitted security personnel. Postings are done on ethnic, religious and deceitful quota considerations.

“Personnel are posted to what is often referred to as ‘juicy’ areas and positions to raise money for their benefactors by extorting the helpless public and oftentimes, outright stealing of government revenue. The system is unable to respond due to the faulty structure oiled by nepotism, religion, and tribal considerations, leading ultimately to opaque governance, the bane of our society.

“Security challenges persist because the security agencies are uncoordinated, Ill-trained personnel are deployed to areas they do not fit in or cannot function maximally due to ethnic, religious and corrupt considerations. The critical intelligence work needed to be done for effective operations or counter-operations are lacking due to non-commitment and criminal negligence.”

The group further claimed: “Officers and men needed to effectively fight insecurity and terrorism are not given their due wage as and when due. They live in want and squalor.”

It, therefore, urged the Federal Government to urgently reorganise the most populous black nation in a way that “real power to develop and secure confidence of the citizenry” would reside in the federating units.

SESSPN vowed its continued championing of this cause for the benefit of Nigerians “who are suffering from untold hardship with no solution in sight except empty promises of a better tomorrow that only exist in their minds.”

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