Dedications with Frank Edwards


  1. I just watched todays episode of dedication and I was so blessed. As she said the prayers that anyone that calls in receives a financial miracle, I called in to agree with her on my expectations for our program LAYING UP GOLD AS DUST happening live at CHRIST EMBASSY ISOLO from Wed 23rd to Sun 27th September.
    I was meditating on God’s word before the dedication started. And the Holy Spirit took my mind to the question our man of God Rev Dr Chris Oyakhilomen asked during a meeting on Finances – “When am I going to give my first 100 million dollars?” and I answered, in this program LORD because I am going to LAY UP GOLD AS DUST.
    Immediately I overheard her prophesying and I had to call in to shout loud my expectation and seal it in FAITH.

  2. Amazing

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